Research Updates 2

Draft genome sequencing of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum ‘ESR-01’, and Effector identification

Dr. Navin C. Gupta at NIPB in collaboration with Dr. Pankaj Sharma from DRMR, Bharatpur, has decoded the draft genome sequence of one of the most devastating plant pathogens, white mold (S. sclerotiorum) ‘ESR-01’ an Indian isolate causing stem rot disease in Brassica. The ~41 Mb genome of this pathogen harbors 9469 protein-coding genes out of which 529 genes were identified as carbohydrate-Active enzymes (CAZymes) and 156 genes essential for the pathogen-host interaction. The secretome profiling has revealed a total of 57 effector candidates (ECs) that facilitate disease development in the host plants.