Institutional Projects

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Search and deployment of genes for stress tolerance and grain quality in rice


Group Leader:

Dr. Tapan Kumar Mondal

Phenotyping and association mapping to identify new QTLs for the low glycemic index and grain quality, stress tolerance in non-basmati rice using Affymetrix’s 50K SNP genotyping chip

Prof N K Singh

Deciphering the salinity and hypoxia tolerance mechanisms of  rice and wild species such as O. coarctata and O. glaberrima

Dr Tapan Kumar Mondal

Evolution of rice germplasm and understanding the mechanism for tolerance to low light intensity traits using physiological and biochemical markers

Dr Prasanta Kumar Dash

Cloning and characterization of effectors from blight pathogen and Identification of host susceptibility/resistance genes

Dr Rhitu Rai,

Identification of genes and QTLs for reproductive stage salt-tolerance from wild and land races of rice

Dr Vandna Rai

Dissection of major QTLs for heat tolerance in rice and identification of robust candidate/causal genes

Dr S V Amitha CR Mithra

Identification and characterization of novel resources such as wild rice, mutants or relevant cereals for blast resistance in rice

Dr Amolkumar U Solanke

Identification of candidate genes during early infection of Rice with Sheath Blight (R. solani)

Dr Deepak Singh Bisht

Genetic improvement of wheat for adaptation to climate change induced stresses


Group Leader :

Dr. Sanjay Singh

Marker-assisted  introgression of genes/QTLs for   resistance to Bipolaris leaf  spot (Bipolaris  sorokiniana)

Dr. Sanjay Singh

Cloning and transfer of genes for high temperature tolerance in wheat

Dr. Jasdeep Chatrath Padaria

Biochemical and Molecular Basis of Nitrogen Utilization in wheat

Dr P.K.Mandal

Isolation and characterization of genes regulating functional grain end use properties under terminal heat stress

Dr. Sharmistha Barthakur

Cloning and characterization of  genes related to salt tolerance in wheat

Dr. Kanika

Mapping and cloning of genes/QTLs for drought tolerance in wheat

Dr Monika Dalal

Biochemical, Physiological and Molecular Basis of Nitrogen Uptake in wheat

Dr S.K. Sinha

Stress tolerance and quality improvement in Pigeonpea


Group Leader :

Dr. Debasis Pattanayak


Management of Pod Borer by RNAi

Dr. Debasis Pattanayak

Genomics of Flower and Pod Related Traits in Pigeonpea

Dr. Kishor Gaikwad

Management of Pod Borer by Bt ICPs and Wild Relatives of Pigeonpea

Dr. Rohini Sreevathsa

Functional Genomics Approaches for Improving Quality Traits in Pigeonpea

Dr. Sandhya

Improvement of stress tolerance and quality traits in chickpea


Group Leader :

Dr. Sarvjeet Kaur

Isolation and characterization of insecticidal genes from native Bacillus thuringiensis isolates

Dr Sarvjeet Kaur

Isolation and characterization of genes associated with stress tolerance and seed-protein content in chickpea

Dr. P. K. Jain

Isolation and characterization of salt stress responsive gene(s) and promoter(s) in chickpea

Dr. Nimmy M.S

Understanding pathobiology of the chickpea wilt pathogen, Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceris (Foc) through genomics approaches

Dr. Ramawatar Nagar

Biotechnological approaches for Brassica improvement


Group Leader :

Dr. R. C. Bhattacharya

Elucidation of mechanisms for developing resistance against aphids and Alternaria blight in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea)

Dr. RC Bhattacharya

Understanding molecular mechanisms of Alternaria resistance in Camelina sativa and Sinapis alba and using them for developing Alternaria-resistant transgenic Brassica juncea plants

Dr. Anita Grover

Use of insecticidal genes from legumes for developing Aphid resistant mustard

Dr. Rekha Kansal

Development of white rust resistance in mustard

Dr Ashish Kumar

Identification and utilization of genes and pathways for developing stem rot resistance in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea)

Dr Navin Chandra Gupta

Enlarging gene pool of Brassica juncea for Alternaria resistance and other agronomical traits

Dr Mahesh Rao

Developing genetic stock(s) in Brassica Sp. through biotechnological means for enhancing productivity

Dr. Anshul Watts